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The 4 Basic Oil Painting Approaches

by Chad Wooters
professional architect, oil painter, writer and inventor

Over the years we have all collected massive amounts of confusing and contradictory advice. When you study under a Master, you learn how to paint his or her way of painting...until your next class with someone else. Some excellent techniques just don't translate from one style to another. Techniques essential to painting in the Flemish style won't help you to paint in that of the Pre-Raphaelites, and vice-versa. It doesn't help that experts disagree about everything. Contrary opinions abound. Who makes the best paint? What brushstrokes should you use? Which mediums did the "Old Masters" use? Etc. Etc. Ultimately we must find our own WAYS to paint

Painting doesn't need to be confusing or frustrating. Historical painting styles can be grouped into 4 basic approaches. You don't have to distinguish between the Venetian style, Flemish methods, and Impressionist theory. You just need to know two basic things: 1)are you more interested in bright HUES or subtle TONES? and 2) Would you rather work with clear SHAPES or blended AREAS?

This Video Explains the 4 Basic Approaches. All the information in the book I mention is now available for free in my newsletter but you will still get the basic idea from the video.


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